The Creative Block

When I graduated college I took the first job offered to me. It was a good job and it was very secure and had lots perks, however it didn't fulfill me and I felt that all of my skills were not being used. I wanted to create content full time.

It was very difficult to get a creative position and took a long time to find one that was right for me. During my career transition, I would come across these posts on LinkedIn about creative people who were bored with their jobs who needed “creativity boosts". I found these posts offensive because I would've done anything for a creative position and would've been happy to take their place. How could anyone to be bored doing creative work? To get to the point, as I settle into my new position doing mostly content creation and social media strategy I'm understanding the dilemma of the creative block. It is very difficult to be creative all the time. 


Here are a few tips that helped me:


  • If you are going to take photos, set up your equipment the night before. Make sure you have battered charged, memory cards wiped clean and props ready. I noticed that having to set up was a real drain. 
  • Set up a "inspiration flow”, this could be a tumblr or Pinterest board with aesthetic hints to give you ideas for your next post.
  • PLAN PLAN PLAN, some of the best photos and content can come from ideas on the fly but most of the time you need to plan your content.


  • Ask yourself questions like: 


  • What does your audience like?
  • Would your idea flow with your current social media content. 
  • What is the competition doing? 
  • How can I reach my audience? 
  • What problem can my product solve for them?